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Apply now to receive $125K in cash and development services to boost your early-stage startup.


It’s do or die.

Meet the companies

Since 1997 we’ve funded startups with over $1B in value. From smart homes to pets and fitness to hospitality, we live in the trenches, helping to build amazing companies and their digital products.

40+ Companies
$5M+ Invested
75+ Products Launched
9 Acquisitions

We help startups grow

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Why Founders 🤍 Us

What we do

We look for people with a vision that we can believe in. When we find you, we invest in you and roll up our sleeves.  We work intimately with you over 3 months to accelerate your technology roadmap, putting some of the world’s most experienced development teams and business experts at your disposal. We focus on the hard things that build real, scalable and investable businesses. Our mission is to reduce the technology, market and capital risks of your venture.

The result? Get to your vision faster, build a product people love and connect with the right mentors, investors or acquirers.

How it works

Each quarter we open the application process. If we’re excited about your company we’ll meet to learn about you and your team, vision, growth strategy and technology.  If it goes well, we invest $125K and you spend 3 months with us. Together, we develop a technology roadmap, identifying the most strategic areas we can help accelerate. We muster the resources we need, and we get to it.

Our companies get access to our mentor network, free workspace at our Houston studio, and a variety of free or highly discounted services including hosting, legal, banking and more.

No big list of mentors?

Rather than make a big fancy list of our friends, we focus on carefully inviting the best people we know will actually spend time with you. Coffee is great, but it’s not enough. It’s about matching your particular company with experienced operators and executives that can help advance your vision and provide access to talent, customers, partners and investors. Often, they join companies as advisors or executives.

Something You Should Know

We value clarity and simplicity. We have a no a**holes rule. We show up, talk less, and do more. We take the time, pay attention, and overdeliver. We are not afraid of technology risk, heck, it’s our superpower. 

Above all, we help entrepreneurs win, whether or not we invest in them.

Get Started

If you believe in the future and your ability to shape it. If you see a problem and can’t help but solve it. If you have the courage to do what’s different and daring. If you dream big when others think small. You’re ready.

We’re excited about the chance to head down the road together.

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How do I apply?

Complete our application form to be considered for a future cohort. Be prepared to submit a link to your current pitch deck and a no-frills 1 minute video of founders only telling us why we should fund your project. Here's an example.

How do we select companies?

Our senior management team will review your application and select founders we believe in and business concepts that align well with our core skills.

What happens at the Softeq Venture Studio?

Together, we build your demo, proof of concept, or enhance the development of your existing tech. Then, we unleash our engineers on your idea to get to the next round of funding as a team effort. We introduce you to investors from day one forward and help you refine your pitch, business model, legal structure, approach to finance, intellectual property, marketing, and operational readiness. We ensure your company is investable and work together as a team to secure the next round of funding.

How much do you invest?

For up to $125K in cash and in-kind services, we expect between 6-10% equity for our hands-on development expertise, knowledge of how to design and build for scale, and our commitment to getting to the next round of funding together.

The exact percentage breakdown is determined on a case-by-case basis.

In-person or remote?

We're open for business at all of our global offices. However, we learned that a hybrid model combining one week per month in-person in Houston with remote access on the off weeks has real benefits to founders who have busy lives, families, and pets. We're flexible so let us know if you have any questions.

When is the next cohort?

We host 4 quarterly cohorts with 10 startups each that are aligned roughly with Q1-Q4 on the calendar. Winter (Q1), Spring (Q2), Summer (Q3), and Fall (Q4). The deadline to apply is listed at the top of our application form and is about 1 month prior to the beginning of each new cohort.

What is the deadline to apply?

Applications are due by Saturday, March 26, for the Spring 2022 cohort which runs from May through August 2022 in Houston, Texas.