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Time to read6 min
When Innovation Hurts: IoT Vulnerabilities in Healthcare
Make IoT cybersecurity a top priority if you’re creating a smart solution for healthcare. Here are the top five IoT vulnerabilities in healthcare and working scenarios that show how to prevent them.
Time to read5 min
Improving Safety with AI and IoT for the Mining Industry
Improving operational safety is the primary aim for the mining sector. And digital technologies have proved viable here. Discover real-life examples of how companies have implemented AI and IoT in mining for safety.
Time to read5 min
How Supply Chain Innovation Helps Businesses Survive Global Crisis
Supply chains are continuing to break down, and the situation worsens every month. Perhaps that’s why investor interest in supply chain tech is growing. Discover five real-life examples of how smart supply chain IoT and AI solutions can help businesses survive global crises.
Time to read4 min
Watch Out! Top 5 Internet of Things Latest Trends
IoT future application development will rely on three pillars. The first is affordability. Cheap devices ensure that any SME can get a high-quality connected product. The second is availability. This is ensured by tried and tested technologies. The third is autonomy. An interconnected, self-sufficient unit will configure, coordinate, and control production itself. IoT trends in manufacturing prove this with new smart factory examples.
Time to read6 min
Three Examples of Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare
Medical providers that rely on disruptive innovations are always a step ahead of their competitors. But what is disruptive innovation in the healthcare industry? What technologies facilitate healthcare disruption? What benefits do these technologies have? Find out in our recent blog article.
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Time to read6 min
Prospective Uses of Drones in Construction
Here are the top five drone uses that help construction companies be more efficient. Discover use cases, real-life examples, advantages, and statistics on the present and future use of drones in construction.
Time to read5 min
Smart Water Management with IoT: Key Application Areas
The global smart water management market is developing rapidly. Discover which IoT water management solutions are driving this growth—from smart city water management and water level monitoring and management of dams to smart irrigation systems in agriculture. Check out our real-world examples.
Time to read6 min
Current Trends in Healthcare: From All-Round Telehealth to Smart Pet Care
The post-pandemic world asks for smart healthcare solutions. So current trends in healthcare include telehealth, multifacet 3D printing, and smart pet care. See our overview of the key healthcare technology trends for 2022.
Time to read8 min
25 Lessons Learned From Softeq CEO Chris Howard
Here’s what the Softeq CEO learned after 35 years of entrepreneurship and 25 years in the consulting business. Explore how to avoid expensive investment mistakes, keep your business on track in a crisis, and make your b2b client come back again and again.
Time to read7 min
The Stories of 5 Startups: How the Softeq Venture Studio Helped Them Thrive
Startups need product-market fit, tech expertise, and financing to succeed. Five companies in sports tech, med-tech, and lifestyle tech—Softeq Venture Studio participants—dealt with these pain points and thrived. Here are their startup success stories. Applications are now open for the spring cohort.
Time to read4 min
Game-changer for OEMs: How Smart Charging Can Boost Electric Vehicle Sales
Learn how smart electric vehicle energy management systems help OEMs boost EV sales and contribute to infrastructure readiness for an electric car future.
Time to read5 min
How to Manage Industrial Waste Smart: Real-Life Examples
Industries face the growing issue of proper waste disposal. To overcome this challenge, businesses may put smart industrial waste management to good use. See how IoT waste management helps make trash collection more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.
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